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  • 2021 Biltmore Hope for Horses photos by Becky Pearman
  • Discovering Team EFG Monaco, specialising in endurance riding
  • Annie Whelan Competes in the First Iceland Endurance Ride!
  • The Mongol Derby Herder Trials
  • Endurance Horse Podcast: Lisa Diersen - Mustang Discovery Foundation 5000 Miles 5000 Mustangs
  • Northwest Colorado wild horse roundup ends with 70% of the herd removed from Sand Wash Basin
  • EQUUS Film Fest Mustang Discovery Ride – On the Trail!
  • Equestrian Adventuresses Podcast: Cairngorm100 – Scotland’s Own Tevis Cup
  • Happy Trails: Saddle Up for the Great Canadian Hike
  • 2021 Outlaw and the Virgin XP photos by Steve Bradley
  • 2021 September's Horses in the Morning Podcast
  • Happy trails: Mandan, S.D. resident journeys 276 miles to Deadwood in the saddle
  • Netherlands: Ermelo Hosts Endurance's Top Stars
  • 2021 Big South Fork & AHA Distance Nationals - Becky Pearman

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    2021 Biltmore Hope for Horses photos by Becky Pearman

    2021 Biltmore Hope for Horses endurance ride photos in North Carolina by Becky Pearman:

    Discovering Team EFG Monaco, specialising in endurance riding

    Monaco-Tribune.com - Full Article

    Romain Boisaubert - 27 September 2021

    An endurance riding team led by the Monegasque Equestrian Federation, Team EFG has continued to progress since its creation in 2010. We met its team manager, Henry-David Guedj.

    It is in the heights of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, on a plot of nearly two hectares in the heart of the wilderness, that the horses of Team EFG reside.

    “We are lucky enough to be right next to the trails reserved for firemen, which are not accessible to cars”, reveals Henry-David Guedj. “This allows us to give our horses the opportunity to work on their foundations, on an ideal terrain, with inclines”.

    A team of promising young talents This allows the horses to work on their galloping endurance, but also their tendons, as the team manager explains. “We can do long sessions of four hours, in order to strengthen their back. And compared to our friends who are based in Alsace, we can expect good weather all year round”, smiles the man who competes for the Principality...

    Read more here:

    Annie Whelan Competes in the First Iceland Endurance Ride!

    September 27 2021
    Merri Melde-Endurance.net

    Iceland has been a rather recently-discovered ‘hidden secret’ for horseback riding trips, particularly among Endurance riders. We are fit for long rides, crave the adventure, and the Icelandic horse is well-broke and made up of GO; so it’s a perfect combination for riding a very different kind of horse, covering the miles and exploring the extraordinarily scenic country.

    But what about an actual Iceland Endurance ride?

    20-year-old Annie Whelan, of Louisa, Kentucky, lucked in on the ground floor of what was Iceland’s first point-to-point 4-day, 150-mile Endurance ride in August 2021.

    Native Icelander Aníta Margrét Aradóttir came up with the idea after competing in the Mongol Derby. “I did the Mongol Derby in 2014,” she said, “and wanted to make this concept in Iceland (but shorter ride and not as extreme), because Iceland is perfect for a ride like this.

    “The Icelandic horse breed is very strong and we have the unbelievable landscape and nature, and then the weather is also extreme...”

    Read the rest and see more photos at:

    The Mongol Derby Herder Trials


    by The Adventurists

    This summer, we ran the first of our new programme to share the breadth of human equestrian knowledge - The Mongol Derby Herder Trials. The winner, Erdenechuluun Tsogtgerel, is on his way to Argentina to learn from and share his equine knowledge with the Gauchos in Patagonia.

    Launched in the midst of the pandemic to keep the spirit of the Mongol Derby alive, the Trials celebrated the incredible horsemanship of herders across Mongolia, and serve as a thank you to our herder families, who work tirelessly throughout the Derby and who have waited 2 years for our riders to return. 28 herders, representing our herder families, came from across the steppe to partake in the weekend’s competition judged by our panel of experts.

    Erdenechuluun, our champion herder will now travel to Argentina in 2022 to see how it’s done Gaucho style and teach the Gauchos how it’s done in the Land of Genghis Khan.

    We’ll be reporting more on the trials over the next couple of weeks so watch out for more across our socials and on our website.


    Endurance Horse Podcast: Lisa Diersen - Mustang Discovery Foundation 5000 Miles 5000 Mustangs

    EnduranceHorsePodcast - Listen

    Created by: Christina Hyke
    September 2021

    JOIN the virtual! Mustang Discovery Trail 5000 Mile Challenge

    Mustang Discovery Foundation is a non-profit organization pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.

    Lisa Diersen is a published equine author with many articles to her credit and a book in development. Lisa Diersen is stepping into the role of Executive Director for the Mustang Discovery Foundation, coordinating ground logistics, press, documentary development, marketing, and sponsorships.

    Lisa is an avid equestrian; she has spent her life in the company of horses. Riding since she could sit in a saddle. Lisa has a great appreciation for all types of equestrian disciplines. She is the Founder and Director of the EQUUS Film & Arts Fest. The fest empowers storytellers to show the rich history and diverse tapestry of horses in human culture through equestrian content, film, art, and literature.

    More, and listen at:

    Northwest Colorado wild horse roundup ends with 70% of the herd removed from Sand Wash Basin

    ColoradoSun.com - Full Article

    About 100 fewer horses than expected were rounded up via helicopter after national outcry and a plea from Gov. Jared Polis

    Jennifer Brown
    4:33 AM MDT on Sep 16, 202

    Stella Trueblood stood on a platform above the corrals, her eyes quickly scanning through the dust as the wild horses were pushed through a chute toward a trailer. The mustangs that reached the semi truck would ship out of the Sand Wash Basin forever. Trueblood and other volunteers from the Sand Wash Basin Wild Horse Advocate Team — called SWAT — could save only 50 of the nearly 700 horses that were rounded up by helicopter in the high desert rangeland in far northwest Colorado.

    “Third one back is a save! Pull it!” she shouted.

    One at a time, as the wild horse advocates spotted a mustang on their “save list,” the animals were pulled by cowboys to a separate corral. And at the close of the roundup, the horses were released, trotting off into the landscape of sagebrush, juniper trees and red and tan cliffs...

    Read more here:

    EQUUS Film Fest Mustang Discovery Ride – On the Trail!

    September 23 2021
 Take two young women with a passion for the iconic American Mustang, looking for a grand  adventure, add 4 American Mustangs along with a curious wild born molly Mulestang and you have the ingredients for the “Mustang Discovery Ride”. Riders, Hannah Catalino and Lisanne Fear, will cover 12 states taking 12 months, with the assistance of their support crew. Starting in Delaware in September and ending their journey on the California coast next year.

    Presented by the Mustang Heritage Foundation, the Mustang Discovery Ride will take us on a journey across the United States, coast to coast, on American Mustangs. Both girls are trainers who have taken part in the MHF Trainer Incentive Program (TIP). Hannah travels the world as a Mustang Ambassador and trainer doing “Wild Horse Workshops” & Liberty Training Clinics.

    More at:

    Equestrian Adventuresses Podcast: Cairngorm100 – Scotland’s Own Tevis Cup

    EquestrianAdventuresses Podcast - Listen

    by utetonia
    September 13, 2021

    In today’s episode, we travel to Scotland and talk about Scotland’s very own Tevis Cup, the Cairngorm100 endurance ride. It takes place every two years against the stunning backdrop of the Cairngorm National Park which is one of the UK’s last true wildernesses. My guest today is Fionnghuala Paterson from Scotland who has competed in this ride not only once, but three times already. This year she emerged as overall winner and she was kind enough to talk with me about this epic ride across the Scottish Highlands, what makes it so special and her own personal experiences competing in it.


    Happy Trails: Saddle Up for the Great Canadian Hike

    Horse-Canada.com - Full Article

    Canada’s 28,000 km Trans Canada Trail awaits you this fall to hike, walk, run, skip, paddle, roll, stroll, bike or ride.

    By: Kim Izzo | September 22, 2021

    If you’re yearning to take a break from the 24/7 news cycle, or at least from scrolling Instagram, we’ve got a fun activity for you and your horse to take part in. The second annual Great Canadian Hike has begun. Running from September 15 through to October 31, the event is a national challenge that encourages Canadians to get off the sofa and into nature to embrace their local trail in the company of friends, family, and yes, horses (and dogs!)

    Organized by Trans Canada Trail (TCT), the Great Canadian Hike has a big goal: to get people from all 13 provinces and territories to disconnect from screens and reconnect with our great outdoors by collectively spending 28,000 hours on Canada’s 28,000 km national trail. It’s all part of trying to create a positive experience after the last 18 months of Covid-19 isolation. And yes, you can also choose to hike, walk, run, skip, paddle, roll, stroll, or bike. Naturally, we at Horse Canada think sitting on a horse is the best way to view the country...

    Read more here:

    2021 Outlaw and the Virgin XP photos by Steve Bradley


    2021 September's Horses in the Morning Podcast

    HorsesInTheMorning.com podcast - listen

    Endurance: Green Beans, Biltmore Ride and Gallant for Sept 14, 2021

    Sep 14, 2021

    Griffin Keller joins us to talk about being a new Endurance rider and the Green Bean Program. Plus, author Claire Eckard joins us to talk about her new book called Gallant: The Call of the Trail loosely based on the childhood memories of Julie Suhr. Plus, Karen’s endurance tips and some cool hoof products from Distance Depot. Listen in...


    Happy trails: Mandan, S.D. resident journeys 276 miles to Deadwood in the saddle

    Dennis Knuckles photo

    BHPioneer.com - Full Article

    By Jaci Conrad Pearson, Black Hills Pioneer
    September 21 2021

    DEADWOOD — If anyone is wondering how long it might take to travel from Mandan, N.D., to Deadwood on horseback, David Sterna, who rode into town Friday afternoon from his hometown, can give a first-hand account.

    “Thirteen days,” Sterna said, adding nights were spent under the stars. “We’d go back and we stayed a lot at Chain Hill. We’d ride so many miles and go back and camp and the last four days, I stayed with my cousin, Joe (Sterna) in Newell.”

    Choosing to make the trek and follow the 276-mile Bismarck to Deadwood stagecoach trail, which ran from 1876 to 1880, Sterna said he did it in honor of his family’s three generations of ties to the land and the dying art of working with horses.

    “Our family’s the end of an age,” Sterna said. “We farmed with horses. We had horses our whole life. I’m the youngest grandson out of eight brothers and the last one left with a horse and I always wanted to try and make a long-distance trip and we did it...”

    Read more here:

    Netherlands: Ermelo Hosts Endurance's Top Stars

    FEI.org - Full Article

    19 September 2021
    Words by Stacy Stearns

    France and Spain took Team titles...

    An exciting day unfolded on September 9 at the FEI World Endurance Championship Young Riders and Juniors in Ermelo, the Netherlands as 74 riders representing 20 countries competed in the 120km event.

    The young athletes from France won the Team gold, and Saeed Salem Almuhairi of the United Arab Emirates captured his third consecutive Young Rider championship aboard Haleh, a 10-year-old Arabian mare, owned by M7 Stables. Haleh also won gold at the FEI Endurance World Championship in Italy earlier this year with Salem Hamad Saeed Al Kitbi.

    Team Malaysia won the silver behind France, and Belgium earned the Team bronze.

    In the Individual medals, Abdulla Ali Alamri on Tonki Dee Boo Basil of the United Arab Emirates won the silver, and Rut Badia Marfa on Addhy El Ziryab of Spain finished in the bronze position.

    In the FEI Endurance European Championships, also in Ermelo, Spain's Soy Coll Angel & Warren Hill Chayze were victorious. France's Vincent Gaudriot and Spain's Maria Alvarez Ponton took silver and bronze respectively. Spain took Team gold, with France in second and Italy third...

    Read more here:

    2021 Big South Fork & AHA Distance Nationals - Becky Pearman

    2021 Big South Fork & AHA Distance Nationals Endurance ride photos by Becky Pearman: