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  • August Mongol Derby Day 1: The lone ranger
  • August Mongol Derby Pre-Race: Cleared for blast off
  • Ding ding! Round Two: the August Mongol Derby is ready to roll
  • Film review: The Long Rider goes the distance
  • 2022 Ride Between the Rivers photos by Becky Pearman
  • Who has the right of way on trails? What happens when bikes, hikers and horses meet
  • Wyoming rider wins worldwide horse race
  • Nevada: Horse owners protest design of fences at Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument
  • The All-Important Equine Prepurchase Exam
  • Utah: BLM plans to gather wild horses west of Cedar City, and you’re invited
  • California: Park district working to retain access to horse trails
  • Prince Edward Island: Extended equestrian access on Confederation Trail includes West Prince routes
  • New York: One Of The State’s Most Popular Horse Trails Is Here In CNY
  • Meet Moss Rock Endurance: Amanda Johnson
  • Track improvements for Tevis Cup endurance ride after two horse deaths
  • Advocates for wild horses dispute BLM’s reasoning for roundup in northwestern Colorado
  • July Mongol Derby Day 10: That’s all, folks…until next week

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    August Mongol Derby Day 1: The lone ranger

    Equestrianists.com - Full Article

    Holly Conyers
    11th August 2022

    A hot and heavy Day 1 of the August 2022 Mongol Derby draws to a close, and one brave man has proved he can handle the heat to propel himself into an early lead: Olof Sundstrom (OSU), a Swede bearing an improbable resemblance to his Viking forefathers, has arrived to conquer the steppe. Camping out with one of Mongolia’s many unbelievably hospitable families this evening, he is the only rider to have made it beyond HS3 today. But he’s in no position to rest easy: no less than 12 competitive riders have made it into HS3 tonight, just 8km behind him. Will he manage to put more distance between himself and the trailing pack tomorrow, or will they hunt him down?...

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    August Mongol Derby Pre-Race: Cleared for blast off

    Equestrianists.com - Full Article

    Holly Conyers
    9th August 2022

    We can’t quite believe our luck. The dust has barely settled on the steppe following the unbelievably high-octane return of the Mongol Derby in July after a two year hiatus and yet, here we are again: on the eve of another life-changing adventure for 46 riders from all corners of the globe successfully graduated from start camp, united by passion for the horse and a high pain threshold. What an absolute treat.

    As usual, our team will be running themselves ragged to bring you live updates from the steppe on our social media pages, while daily race reports will be published here and live tracking will be available for the duration of the race after it kicks off tomorrow morning Mongolia time. Happily, you don’t have to wait until then for some top notch Derby drama. Start camp is only just wrapping up, and we have already had a taste of some of the excitement to come...

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    Ding ding! Round Two: the August Mongol Derby is ready to roll

    Equestrianists.com - Full Article

    Outlaw Kate
    8th August 2022

    Just when you thought you couldn’t stand any more Derby excitement, the August Derby is on tap with 46 more intrepid riders from all corners of the globe itching to take on the longest and toughest horse race in the world.

    The key factors remain the same: same course (only in reverse), same sorts of horses, same amazing Mongolian hospitality to sample along the way. Yet this will still be an incredibly unique race for these riders. The weather will throw everything at them, the steppe will challenge them, and just like the 46 riders who preceded them a few weeks ago, they will need to call forth all their preparations and experience to see them across the finish line...

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    Film review: The Long Rider goes the distance

    Mythic Productions Photo

    TheObserver.ca - Full Article

    Documentary follows a man who made a trek from Calgary to Sao Paulo on horseback

    Author of the article: Chris Knight
    Publishing date: Jun 24, 2022

    You can get from Calgary to Sao Paulo by plane in about 14 hours. Or you can do what Felipe Masetti Leite did, and go on horseback. It took him two years, but it’s a helluva story.

    Leite was born in Brazil but moved to Canada with his parents when he was nine. In Canadian director Sean Cisterna’s new movie we watch as Leite, inspired by Aimé Félix Tschiffely’s solo ride from Argentina to New York in 1925, decides to make a similar trek southward. In equestrian circles, any journey of 1,000 miles or more constitutes a “long ride.” This one certainly qualifies.

    Leite first goes through months of training and planning, although he decides to park the question of how to cross the Panama Canal until he gets there. That almost proves his undoing – as do traffic accidents, horse colic, sketchy border officials, extreme weather and that time a jealous hotel owner seemed on the verge of trying to kill him...

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    2022 Ride Between the Rivers photos - Becky Pearman race

    2022 Ride Between the Rivers Endurance ride photos in West Virginia by Becky Pearman:

    Who has the right of way on trails? What happens when bikes, hikers and horses meet race

    Corey Ohlenkamp/Star Press

    MSN.com - Full Article

    Kelley V. Phillips - Jul 6

    There’s nothing like a quiet trail. Just you and your thoughts traveling down a sun-dappled path as the wind ripples the leaves in a soft applause.

    For many people who enjoy the outdoors, that solitude is a treasure. At some point though, you’ll end up sharing the trail with fellow enthusiasts also taking a deliciously satisfying hiatus.

    Whomever you end up meeting — hikers, cyclists, or even horses — there are general guidelines so everyone has the peaceful experience they are looking for.

    Trails, especially those in more natural areas, tend to be narrow. Trail etiquette takes into consideration momentum, maneuverability and inertia. How fast are you going? Can you turn? Are you able to stop?...

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    Wyoming rider wins worldwide horse race

    Trib.com - Full Article with audio

    Abigail Landwehr
    Aug 7, 2022

    By the end of day one of the Mongol Derby, Jackson competitor Deidre Griffith finished last behind 46 riders. Eight days later, she, alongside her partner, were the first to cross the line.

    The Mongol Derby is an annual horse race that has, since 2000, aimed to recreate Genghis Khan’s horse messenger system of 1224. It tests endurance of competitors who ride through the Mongolian Steppe. The path stretches over 1,000 km, or around 621 miles, and often lasts over the course of eight to 10 days, making it the longest horse race in the world.

    July 23 marked the race’s return after a two year break courtesy of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    “It was the most incredible feeling of accomplishment,” Griffith said when asked about reaching the end. “Two and a half years I’ve spent preparing for this and it all paid off. I would have been happy to finish at all, but to win was beyond belief...”

    Read more and listen here:

    Nevada: Horse owners protest design of fences at Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument

    8NewsNow.com - Full Article

    by: Greg Haas
    Posted: Aug 5, 2022

    National monument angers longtime residents over trail access

    LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — They say that good fences make good neighbors, but apparently the kind of fence is just as important to horse owners who live along the border of the new Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument.

    An informational meeting Thursday night about how to make suggestions for the budding park bogged down in a debate about the National Park Service’s fence design. The meeting played out at the Clark County Shooting Complex at the north end of Decatur Boulevard, with a handful of vocal residents sitting alongside volunteers from a group called Protectors of Tule Springs...

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    The All-Important Equine Prepurchase Exam

    Thehorse.com - Full Article

    What to expect when a veterinarian performs a prepurchase exam on a prospective equine partner.

    Posted by Chris White, DVM | Jul 13, 2022

    Prepurchase exam steps, ethics, and best practices

    You’re in the market for a new horse and find one across state lines that checks all the boxes; he’s the right age, within your budget, and you love what you see in the seller’s videos. Why spend time and money performing a prepurchase exam (PPE) on this unicorn? In this hot market, you want to snatch him up right now!

    “I think of prepurchase exams as an information-gathering mission for the prospective buyer prior to making the decision of purchasing a horse,” says Rachel Roemer, DVM, owner of Great Bay Equine, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. “I perform them to look for any indication of existing issues that may limit performance in the future for whatever desired job...”

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    Utah: BLM plans to gather wild horses west of Cedar City, and you’re invited

    Spenser Heaps/Deseret News photo

    KSLNewsRadio.com - Full Article

    Jul 28, 2022, 5:00 PM | Updated: Aug 2, 2022
    Digital Content Producer

    CEDAR CITY, Utah — The Bureau of Land Management Cedar City Field Office plans to begin gathering operations to remove excess wild horses from an area west of Cedar City.

    Operations will begin on August 7, 2022. The Bureau aims to gather wild horses from within and outside of the Blawn WashHerd Management Area and Bible Spring Complex Area.

    According to a news release, this area can support 80 to 170 animals. The current population of wild horses in the area sits at 831...

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    California: Park district working to retain access to horse trails

    TheCamarilloAcorn.com - Full Article

    July 30, 2022
    By Makena Huey

    The Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District is planning negotiations with nearby homeowners to protect access to the Las Posas equestrian trails.

    District staff said they hope to move forward in a way that benefits the district, the homeowners and the broader community.

    “If all goes well, we will have them sign and extend the 30-year agreement,” Administrative Analyst Dylan Gunning said during the July 14 long-range planning committee meeting.

    The trails surround Las Posas Equestrian Park, 2084 Via Veneto, which the district has owned since 1972...

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    Prince Edward Island: Extended equestrian access on Confederation Trail includes West Prince routes

    PEICanada.com - Full Article

    Jillian Trainor jillian@peicanada.com
    Jul 28, 2022

    Usually, when Connie Gaudette takes her horse Maggie for a ride, it’s through dirt roads, fields where she had permission from farmers, through wooded land, or the beach.

    “Prince Edward Island has the largest equestrian community of any province in Canada, between the harvest races, the saddle horses, the show horses, and the draft horses,” she said. “And we have limited areas where we can ride roads are not safe, too many accidents happen on roads.”

    A pilot project from the provincial government is hoping to change that by granting equestrians access to certain rural sections of the Confederation Trail in an effort to see how the integration of horses on the trail will impact it...

    Read more here:

    New York: One Of The State’s Most Popular Horse Trails Is Here In CNY

    WIBX950.com - Full Article

    If you're looking to go horseback riding this year, you don't have to look too far to find one of the best spots in New York State.

    There's no better trail to bring your horse on than the Brookfield Trail system in Madison County. With over 100-miles of multi-use trails, you and your horse could spend hours exploring the beauty of rural Central New York. The trails are actually maintained every year primarily for horseback and carriage riding...

    Read More: One Of The State's Most Popular Horse Trails Is Here In CNY | https://wibx950.com/one-of-the-states-most-popular-horse-trails-is-here-in-cny/?utm_source=tsmclip&utm_medium=referral

    Meet Moss Rock Endurance: Amanda Johnson

    “This just fell into my lap at the right time.”

    by Merri Melde-Endurance.net
    August 4 2022

    It was a most unlikely career pivot.

    “I had been doing accounting for 16 years,” Amanda Johnson, of Moss Rock Endurance, said. “But I was always too loud to be an accountant. I was always too in-your-face. I love numbers. I’m such a nerd, but none of us are exciting.”

    And then her husband asked if she wanted to move from Black Forest, Colorado, to Penrose. “All of a sudden I had an opportunity to start a business.”

    Lisa Douglass, Amanda’s neighbor in Black Forest, had owned Moss Rock Endurance, creating custom tack products for distance and trail riders. “I had bought tack from her for the last 6 years, which is how long I’ve been riding. She’s all I knew. She’s the best tack I’ve ever known, and she retired last year.

    “Suddenly I had an opportunity to buy myself a job. And because I haven’t been in horses my whole life like some of these other riders, I knew that if I wanted to get into this, I couldn’t go be a vet. I couldn’t go be a farrier. I couldn’t do anything specialized that requires that knowledge.

    “But saddles and tack - something that I believe whole-heartedly in is saddle fit. It’s one of the most important things as a rider to me. And this Beta Biothane (TM) tack, I think, is just bang for your buck. I just love it. It’s all I know because of Lisa. And before she retired, she taught me everything she knew.

    “I had never sewn a thing my life. My mom finished laughing when I said ‘I’m going to sew tack!’ And she was like, ‘Yea, good luck.’ And I’m unstoppable now.”

    That “in-your-face” quality Amanda describes is really pure enthusiasm and passion for her products and for people and their horses.

    “I. Love. It. Horse people are great, because we’re all crazy about the same thing. And you always want to try to make it better. We changed a couple things. We added a lot of things to the lineup. Before, there were no horse head collars. There were no little knickknacks - padded nosebands and things. We added sponge leashes. And I like bling. It makes me extremely happy, so I try to add bling to a lot of things. I try to see what everyone needs and try to fill in those blanks.”

    Amanda would not be Moss Rock Endurance without her mom, Sue, who helps with the sewing and creating, and accompanies her daughter and her business to Endurance rides. “Thank God for my mother! I couldn’t do this without my mom! She helps me in every way possible. My mom is my rock. She helps me with everything.

    “When I cry over sponge leashes, she picks up the hardware and she makes them for me. She’ll cut pieces for me so that I can sew. She will set me up an assembly line so that I can crank it out and we can get orders in. She’s fantastic.”

    Saddle fit is also something Amanda loves, though originally, she had no plans to actually carry and sell saddles.

    “After I bought the business from Lisa, Marlene calls me.” Marlene was the original creator of Moss Rock in 2003. “Marlene says, ‘I am so excited you’re going to be doing saddles!’ I said, ‘I’m not doing saddles! I don’t like treeless saddles!’ And Marlene said, ‘Great! I’m sending one! It’ll be to you in 3 days!’ I said, ‘Marlene, no,’ and she hangs up!”

    Amanda received the Ghost treeless saddle she didn’t ask for, and she was sold. “I love the Ghost and Cavallin treeless saddles. They changed my world. I now have 34 on order. They’re handmade in Italy in a small shop.

    “I stand behind them 100%. There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all in any world, but man, has it solved some really tough-to-fit saddle problems for me.”

    Moss Rock is primarily a business dedicated to designing and making custom Beta Biothane (TM) tack for all sizes and shapes, and it now includes the Ghost treeless saddles. Amanda’s long term plan is to expand the business to not only meet the growing needs of Endurance, Competitive Trail and those who simply enjoy riding trail, but to also encompass those in the sports of Dressage, Hunter Jumper, Grand Prix and Eventing.

    Watching Amanda interact with customers-turned-friends with her genuine, unstoppable enthusiasm, despite the hard work it’s obvious she has found her true calling in life.

    “This has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I thought I knew what busy was. I was really good at staying busy. This is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I’m exhausted all the time.

    “But I love it! I love horse people. This just fell into my lap at the right time.”

    Endurance.net is happy to have Moss Rock Endurance as a long-time advertiser!

    Track improvements for Tevis Cup endurance ride after two horse deaths

    Photo by George Lamson

    Horsetalk.co.nz - Full Article

    August 3, 2022

    An investigation is under way by organisers of the Tevis Cup endurance ride over three serious incidents at the California event, in which two horses died from injuries sustained while falling from the trail.

    California’s 100-mile Western States Trail Ride (WSTR), popularly called the Tevis Cup, is organised by the Western States Trail Foundation (WSTF).

    Three horses fell off the trail during the 2022 event in mid-July; one died of his injuries while two others required rescue. One died in veterinary care a few days after the ride.

    “We are deeply saddened … and very concerned that we had three separate accidents this year. (We) will dedicate time, resources, and money to figuring out what happened in these incidents,” the WSTF Board of Governors said...

    Read more here:

    Advocates for wild horses dispute BLM’s reasoning for roundup in northwestern Colorado

    AspenPublicRadio.org - Read and listen

    Aspen Public Radio | By Halle Zander
    Published July 21, 2022 at 8:53 PM MDT

    On July 15, the Bureau of Land Management started rounding up wild horses on land between Rangely and Meeker in the Piceance-East Douglas Herd Management Area, or PEDHMA.

    The ongoing roundup, or what the BLM calls a "gather," was originally set for September, but BLM officials announced in June they were moving the event up two months.

    The BLM cited the poor condition of the wild horses, and the high numbers of horses roaming in the 190,000-acre PEDHMA.

    To improve these conditions, the federal agency is seeking to remove 1,050 wild horses from the area.

    But wild horse advocates say the horses are not in poor condition, and that cattle are causing more problems on the range than the horses...

    Read more and listen here:

    July Mongol Derby Day 10: That’s all, folks…until next week

    Equestrianists.com - Full Story

    Holly Conyers
    1st August 2022

    We can’t quite believe it’s over. 10 days of top drawer thrills and spills later, all of our riders still out braving the steppe have ridden across the finish line, on another stupefyingly sunny day. A massive congratulations to all who participated for a superhuman achievement. We are busy totting up the final placings taking account of all those penalties and extra riding hours you’ve been reading about all week, but for now here is a rundown of the day’s action.

    Closest to finish camp as the sun came up this morning were Lena Haug (LHA) and Kayleigh Davenport (KDA), camped just 10km shy of home. Holding their overnight position against those starting behind them at HS28, they were the first to storm across the finish line this morning, to raucous applause from the gathered crowds gathered. So raucous, in fact, that one of their two baffled mounts executed a swift about turn about 50 feet short of the line. Blip swiftly sorted, the two rode over the line together, hand in hand and enormous smiles plastered over their faces...

    Read more here: